More than just a booking

Due to Stena Line Travel Groups very important presence in the Nordic countries NordBeds is considered one of the important partners within the region.

Leveraging our position with also offering our directly contracted stock to other serious B2B distributors, inside and outside the Nordic market will help solve our customers need to fill a gap no other DMC or bedbank can offer them!

We are NordBeds, part of Stena Line Travel Group.


What do we offer

The travel industry’s best coverage of properties in the Scandinavian countries, more than 2000 directly contracted properties combined between city, beach, mountain & resort properties which no-one else has in the industry.

Stena Line Travel Group - Our history

Selection of NordBeds suppliers

Our contact details

B2B distribution partners: [email protected]

Suppliers: [email protected]

General enquiries: [email protected]

Phone: +46 42 449 46 98